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Bearcat Coders Intro MeetingJan 21, 2021 @6PM
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Please reach out to Liz Tremblay or Mariam Bahassi for more questions
Let's Chat #1
Liz Tremblay (ACM-W)
Topic: TBD
Feb 11, 2021 @7PMLink to Teams
Let's Chat #2
Melanie Mai (SASE)
Topic: Imposter Syndrome
Feb 25, 2021 @7PMLink to Teams
Let's Chat #3
Priya Modgil
Topic: Developing Professional and Personal Boundaries
Mar 11, 2021 @7PMLink to Teams
Guide to CS Senior Electives MeetingMar 18, 2021 @6PMLink to Teams
Let's Chat #4
Jeanette Kootin-Sanwu
Topic: TBD
Mar 25, 2021 @7PMLink to Teams
Elections MeetingApr 1, 2021 @6PMComing soon
Let's Chat #5
Topic: TBD
Apr 8, 2021 @7PMLink to Teams
Let's Chat #6
Neha Chawla
Topic: Reflection
Apr 22, 2021 @7PMLink to Teams

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